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Bounce yeg
SOAR Bounce Fitness is an elastically leveraged low-impact, yet high-energy, workout that is performed on a rebounder. Rebounding harnesses gravity to create a full body workout that blends cardio, strength, endurance and balance all into a single bounce. The elasticity and shock absorption of the rebounder bungee system creates a workout that is gentle on the joints while providing a great new way to sweat!
SOAR classes are 50 minutes of high-intensity low impact movements set to a sound track that will make you want to bounce.  All classes are made up of soar, sprint and burn tracks to give you a FULL body workout from start to finish.
Experience a heart-pumping cardio workout while you strengthen your muscles, lubricate your joints, improve your balance, stimulate your lymphatic system, and maintain strong, healthy bones.
While searching for the perfect exercise to help astronauts returning from long space voyages, NASA scientists found that exercising on a trampoline was better than anything else on earth, and just like an astronaut, you'll be getting the best workout on (or off) of the planet!
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