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Bounce Fitness

There are so many benefits to bouncing on a bellicon! 

First of all, lets talk about the strength gain and muscle toning that results from an exercise done on anything but solid ground. Each bounce on the elastic-bungee system of a rebounder creates a cycle of flexing and releasing through the muscles. This effectively builds, burns and tones each of the 638 muscles that make up your body. One spot that the rebounder shows no mercy is to the core, and as the celebrated “powerhouse” of the entire body, core strength and stability is desirable for a number of reasons. In rebounding, the bouncing action alone creates strength and engagement through the abdominal, back, oblique and pelvic muscles. Once more complex movements preformed on the tramp are introduced, the intensity of this core conditioning is also increased.

638 muscles taken care of, but what about the 206 bones? Much like muscles, bones require exercise to achieve peak bone mass and become stronger. Rebounding is scientifically proven to be a leading exercise in fostering just this! The simple action of bouncing adequately compliments how the bone system works within our bodies. Bones require weight-bearing force to build and maintain proper density. The best exercise for your bones includes that of weight-bearing. This is a type of exercise that forces you to work against gravity and this is essentially what bounce fitness entails. For this reason, rebounding is a sufficient preventative measure for avoiding osteoporosis and if you are already dealing with osteoporosis, rebounding is an ideal way to keep it from progressing!

Next, the benefits to your metabolic system are off the charts! Typically, the calories burnt during any high-intensity exercise, that causes an elevation in heart rate, is extremely beneficial, but stats show that rebounding takes this to new heights (pun certainly intended). A study presented by bellicon USA shows that “while exercising at the same intensity, a 150 pound person will burn 175 calories jogging for 30 minutes, but would burn about 205 calories bouncing.” The higher the metabolic rate, the more calories and fat reserves burnt.

bellicon® rebounder

Rebounding is also in the lead if you’re looking for a fun and effective daily dose of cardiovascular exercise. If you’re like most people, your relationship with cardio is love/hate (probably with a greater pull to the latter.) But rebounding offers a fun way to elevate heart rate, maximize oxygen consumption and improve overall heart health.  Not only is cardio far more enjoyable when you are literally defying gravity, bounce fitness also offers a much safer outlet for cardio in comparison to running, jogging or anything else performed on a hard surface.


The low impact support from exercising on a rebounder makes this a safe and effective form of fitness for all ages and fitness levels! The ultra-elastic bungees not only strengthen the core, including all areas of the back, but they also provide a shock absorbing surface to reduce strain on the back while coming in for a landing. The cradling surface nearly eliminates stress on sensitive joints such as the knees and ankles.

Finally, rebounding is great for the lymph system! This is the system made up of tissues and organs that transports a fluid called lymph to attack toxins and harmful bacteria in the body. This system heavily depends on physical activity to keep the lymph moving. Vigorous exercise and vertical movement, both found in rebounding, is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times. This stimulation creates ample detoxification throughout the body and major overall benefits to your immune system.


Ultimately bounce fitness provides a safe, effective and FUN way to build and tone muscles, increase core strength, provide better balance and posture, increase metabolic rates, prevent bone density loss, burn more calories, detoxify the body, reach target heart rate levels and improve heart health. Sounds good to us - lets jump right into it!



Prevent osteoporsis and prevent bone loss

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Engage EVERY muscle in the body with EVERY Bounce

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