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Bounce Edmonton

SOAR Bounce Fitness was created to provide a cardio workout that is unique and fun among a crowded world of fitness choices. Unlike biking and running, bouncing engages every muscle in the body, providing a total strength workout while burning more calories per minute than either activity.  Bouncing is easy on joints as impacts are absorbed by dozens of bungees on the bellicon® rebounder.  SOAR is the first group fitness class in Edmonton using the bellicon® rebounder.  

All classes are 50 minutes.

Grip socks are required on the rebounder.  

While a gentle health bounce or lower intensity workout on the bellicon can be excellent for pre and post-natal women, due to the higher intensity of SOAR classes it is not recommended for pregnancy

SOAR Bounce Fitness is located inside of Studio B Fitness in Edmonton, Alberta.

Showers - Towels - Shampoo - Conditioner

Blow Dryer - Assorted Toiletries - Individual Lockers

Complimentary in Studio

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