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What Should I wear to bounce?

  • Wear comfortable workout clothing.  Tops should be fitted or able to tuck in - you wouldn't want it flying in your face when bouncing.  Grip socks are required, loaner pairs are available for your first class or you may purchase your own in studio.

What Should I bring?

  • Water!  Grip Socks.  Everything else will be provided.

What Should I expect?

  • FUN!  SOAR classes blend 3 different intensities (Soar, Sprint and Burn) into a 50min class.  Classes incorporate weights, resistance bands and core work to get a full-body workout every time.  It won't take long for you to learn the movements and get lost in the beat!

Why do you require grip socks and not running shoes?

  • Shoes prevent your foot and ankle muscles from fully activating.  With shoes, these muscles are simply “along for the ride”.  Going barefoot takes more energy and places increased physical demand on your body when you first start exercising on the bellicon®.  But don’t fret – in a very short amount of time, your body will become accustomed to the bouncing motion.

  • Regular socks are slippery and not safe to use.  Grip socks allow all the benefits of bare foot bouncing while providing a CLEAN safe bounce while you work up a sweat.  

Running hurts my knees, can I bounce?

  • Running causes you to hit the ground with a full impact on your joints with every stride, repeating that one motion for the entire length of your run.  The bellicon® provides a smooth, healthier bounce with almost no negative impact on your joints and ligaments.  SOAR classes are made up of lots of different movements so there is less repetition.  Proper alignment, posture and control are required to ensure a safe and healthy bounce - you can always take the class at your own pace using a smaller range of motion. If you have any questions your SOAR instructor will be glad to help you out! 

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